April 11, 2008

Gian Gentile in World Politics Review

Gian Gentile and Abu Muqawama have had a few conversations over e-mail about his skepticism toward counter-insurgency theory and whether or not it can be applied successfully on the battlefield. As you might have guessed, there's an obvious difference of opinion. But Abu Muqawama thinks Gentile, at the least, keeps the counter-insurgency community from falling into group think by challenging shared assumptions and asking critical questions. "Everyone has a role to play," reads the famous Belfast mural of failed insurgent Bobby Sands. Indeed.

Gentile has an interview in World Politics Review that is worth reading. He name-checks Small Wars Journal and its "rogue cousin," Abu Muqawama. Abu Muqawama takes issue with a number of the things Gentile says in his interview, but he also agrees with a lot. Anyway, read the interview and drop your comments below.