December 02, 2010

Global Warming in Art

Ever heard of Alexis Rockman? No, he’s not a flag officer, DoD civilian, politician, think tank policy wonk, or your everyday environmentalist. He’s an artist, and his work is on exhibit at the Smithsonian American Art Museum. The exhibit has been featured in multiple publications (Huffington PostWashington PostRoll Call), but just in case you aren’t reading the Arts section of those papers, we’re briefly covering it too. 

Rockman was “was one of the first contemporary artists to build his career around exploring environmental issues, from evolutionary biology and genetic engineering to deforestation and climate change.” His work expresses “deep concerns about the world’s fragile ecosystems and the tension between nature and culture.” 

You can take a peek at the exhibit through the slideshow available on the Smithsonian website. A crowd favorite is Manifest Destiny, a painting “depicting the Brooklyn waterfront several hundred years in the future after global warming has ravaged the landscape.” 

If you’re in the DC area and in the mood for a little culture, you have until May 11th, 2011 to check out the exhibit in person. After that, readers who find themselves in the Columbus, Ohio area will have their chance.