February 26, 2008

Good Sense Prevails

Kip would be remiss not to point out reasons' rare victory over the environs of bureaucracy.

The Army has announced that it will restore public access to the Reimer Public Library, repository of Army doctrine.

Col. Michael J. Negard said the Army "underestimated the impact" of its decision to make the Reimer Digital Library password-protected on Feb. 6, a move that shut off public access to an electronic archive that is popular with researchers for its wealth of documents on military operations, education, training and technology. Critics of the decision noted that most of the documents in the library had specifically been cleared for public release.

"Our intent was to protect sensitive information, the server itself, and the network from attacks by outside sources, not to deny the public access to publicly releasable information," Negard said. "We absolutely respect the freedom of information and the American people's 'right to know.' "


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