March 10, 2009

Greg Jaffe to the Washington Post

This was leaked a few days ago, but one of the nicest men I know, Greg Jaffe, will replace Tom Ricks at the Washington Post. I cannot think of a better replacement. Greg is as close a student of U.S. Army culture -- especially the culture of the officer corps -- as any civilian. He knows "Army culture" in the way Ricks knows "Marine culture." I got to know Greg through my old college buddy, Yochi Dreazen, and also through his affiliation as a writer-in-residence at CNAS. But I have long admired his reporting. I particularly liked this 2007 piece on the rift between junior officers and the general officer corps in the aftermath of Iraq and Paul Yingling's essay. Plus, he has family ties to Château Nooga, so what's not to like?

Oh, I remember. He still has my copy of The Centurions. And my copy of Hell in a Very Small Place. And my copy of The Street without Joy. Yeah, if he doesn't return those, we're going to have to fight.