March 04, 2008

Harry and the Press

By now you're all read a lot of articles on Prince Harry and the media blackout which accompanied his tour in Afghanistan. Here are two more things you should read: One, Bob Bateman lets loose on Matt Drudge over at Small Wars Journal. Two, the Times of London examines how the Arab media has reacted to the third-in-line serving on the front lines. For Abdelbari Atwan, editor of a newspaper published in London that is realiably opposed to Anglo-American foriegn policy and has been known to voice support for the likes of Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein, Harry's service meant another good opportunity to lament the state of Arab leadership.

“He is giving a good example to his own people. He’s endangering his life and he’s not scared to fight for his country,” Mr Atwan said, addding that the newspaper had contrasted “the brother of the future British king fighting without publicity” to “Arab royal families who prefer to stay in their palaces and enjoy the oil wealth of their countries”.