February 11, 2008

Hooah and Rock Chalk!

Phil Carter highlights a new program between the Army and Charlie's beloved alma mater: the Wounded Warrior Education Initiative.

At a press conference yesterday, SecArmy Pete Geren teamed up with Chancellor Robert Hemenway of the University of Kansas to announce a new program for wounded and medically retired troops (mostly officers) to get their grad degrees at KU -- and then return to public service. The Army plans to pick up the tab for these troops' education, and then reap the benefit by having them serve as military academics, instructors and civilian officials.

This reminds Charlie of a similar, if less formal, effort by the President of Dartmouth College to make undergraduate education available to wounded veterans. But Phil also emails to remind us that the GI Bill's tuition money (all $9600 of it) is increasingly falling short, even at public schools. Charlie is wicked excited about the KU program (she's waiting for the Chancellor to email her back), but this is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to veterans affairs and caring for our wounded Soldiers.