May 08, 2008

Ibn Khaldun and Political Islam

Abu Muqawama has a request for his readership. While we're proud of our famous counterinsurgency reading list, Abu Muqawama is unhappy with the Political Islam section. He's looking to make some additions (or to split it off into a separate list altogether). So far, he's keen on adding two articles by Thomas Hegghammer:

"Global Jihadism After the Iraq War", Middle East Journal, 60, 1 (2006)

"Jihadi Strategic Studies: The Alleged Al Qaida Policy Study Preceding the Madrid Bombings" [with B Lia], Studies in Conflict and Terrorism, 27, 5 (2004)

Any other suggestions? (Remember, this is not meant to be exhaustive.) And while we're on the subject of Political Islam, the Center for Arab and Middle Eastern Studies at the American University of Beirut is hosting a conference on Ibn Khaldun tomorrow and the day after in coordination with The Orient Institut-Beirut. Beirut-based readers may want to check that out, if only to pester the great historian Tarif Khalidi during the coffee breaks.