May 11, 2011

In Libya, while you weren't looking...

...the rebels have been making some encouraging advances in and around Misurata. The reporting of C.J. Chivers both in the New York Times and on his Twitter feed has been essential reading.*

The worst-case scenario Zack Hosford and I had predicted a few months ago sadly came to pass in Libya, but it is worth considering the possibility that NATO air strikes, economic sanctions and improving rebel tactical performances are finally combining to have an effect on the forces of Moammar Gadhafi. In the end, I am inclined to agree with Lisa Anderson that both sides will feel compelled to fight until the end in Libya, but right now, even skeptics of the war kinetic military action like me should take some heart in the advances of the rebels.

*How great is Twitter? It's at its best when a top-flight reporter like Chivers files his report for the New York Times and then has the humility and intellectual curiosity to engage with questions from his stateside readers, which he has been doing the entire time he (and Bryan) have been in Libya.

UPDATE: The rebels have the airport.