December 29, 2010

Inaugural Award for Natural Security @Twitter

Like many of you out there, we now get a fair bit of our news and commentary through those we follow on Twitter rather than through our RSSes or other sources. Here are our picks for the top 5 feeds for natural security news and commentary:

  1. @ArmedwScience, an amazing site for DOD science and technology news, podcasts, and blogging.
  2. @NewSecurityBeat for much regional and topical commentary on environmental security, interviews with top experts, and mote.
  3. @NavalEnergy for must-read news from Navy’s Task Force Energy…though they have been quiet for a while now…
  4. @SciTechCmte. We don’t follow this committee’s activities quite as closely as the armed services and foreign affairs committees, so Twitter is our best way of ensuring that we catch what we need to know of its work.
  5. @AlexMStark, our former researcher, has been a great source for climate change-related updates. We hope she keeps up the great tweeting in 2011.

Of course, there are many more great Twitter feeds that we hope make next year’s list by covering more natural security issues: @DangerRoom, @DODBuzz, and others. Several other important sources came close to our top 5 but have not quite found the right balance between tweeting enough and over-tweeting (@SciAm and @FAScientists, for example). And you can follow us on Twitter as well, @clparthemore and @wmrogers, and @CNASdc for broader CNAS happenings and natural security news in short form.