July 07, 2008

India vs Pakistan--Kabul edition?

Charlie was reading through this morning's coverage of the massive suicide bombing at the Indian Embassy in Kabul, when she came across this in the NYT:

The fact that the Indian Embassy was attacked raised suspicions among Afghan officials that Pakistani operatives allied with the Taliban had used the bombing to pursue Pakistan’s decades-long power struggle with India.

India said it would send a delegation to Pakistan to investigate what the Indian Foreign Ministry called “this cowardly terrorist attack.”

Our usual Afghan watchers (the estimable Kip and Troy) are out of pocket today, so Charlie thought she would throw this one open to our loyal readership.

How should we think of this attack? Is it one event of a campaign to oust NATO from Afghanistan and undermine the Karzai government? Or is it part of a larger, regional context that includes Indo-Pakistani rivarly (and rogue intelligence agencies)? More broadly, how do tensions on the subcontinent affect the long-term prospects for stability in Afghanistan?