March 10, 2011

Investigating American Muslims

We need to investigate radicalization in the United States. Peter King's hearings today, though, endanger U.S. counter-terrorism and counter-radicalization efforts in two ways: (1) They run the risk of alienating American Muslims, who have thus far proven -- and will continue to be -- instrumental in countering Islamist terror in the United States by working with law enforcement officials to weed out terror plots within their communities. (2) They run the risk of discrediting other efforts to investigate the causes of and trends in radicalization.

Also, I also want to take this opportunity to remind this blog's readers of the definition of terrorism:

Terrorism is "the threat or use of physical coercion, primarily against noncombatants, especially civilians, to create fear in order to achieve various political objectives." (O'Neill, 2005)

Here's one example of a terrorist attack. Here is another. Here is another. Here is another. And here is another.

Terrorism can be employed by any individual, sect or creed. And in the eyes of this blogger, at least, it is morally indefensible no matter who does it.