March 13, 2009

Is this 2005 all over again?

Max Boot, Fred Kagen, and Kim Kagen have an op-ed on how we can win in Afghanistan. Les Gelb has an op-ed in the very same paper on the very same day saying how we can withdraw. Is anyone else sensing déjà vu?

Update: You may be better off reading this excerpt from David Kilcullen's new book in the National Review. (h/t SWJ. The National Review, Dave? Don't you know the Democrats are in charge now?)

In terms of [Taliban] combat skills, reporting from units in the field, as well as my participant observations, suggest extremely high competence in some areas but some equally significant lapses in others. Key areas of skill include ambushing, use of improvised explosive devices (IEDs), sniping, field defenses, and reconnaissance. Weaknesses include a tendency to operate in a set routine, lack of communications security, poor indirect-fire skills, dispersed tactical movement, and sloppiness in the security of cross-border infiltration.

Update II: Intrepid Spencer disagrees.