February 17, 2008

It's confirmed: Barca love freedom; Real Madrid son islamo-fascistas

Heroic Freedom Fighter

Cowardly Islamist Terrorists

Abu Muqawama just saw this picture (top) of an Iraqi tribal militiaman -- one of America's allies in Iraq (for the moment) -- training on Danger Room. Notice the guy's hat? Yeah, he's an FC Barcelona supporter. This development, of course, answers Abu Muqawama's question about that notorious al-Qaeda video of Iraqi kids training to be terrorists, released last week, and why all of the kids seemed to be wearing black Real Madrid away kits. We have our answer now: the Spanish Civil War and the Franco years were no aberration, folks. Apparently Barca really and truly is the team of freedom.

P.S. Abu Muqawama just noticed something hilarious (read: incredibly depressing). Al-Qaeda gave those little kids actual firearms to train with. And our guy? Well, he's got to just hold his hands in the air and pretend he has a weapon either because we trust him less than a 17-year old private in basic training or because his buddies sold the M-4s we gave them on the black market. That's. Just. Awesome.