April 17, 2009

Jack Keane at the Hoover Institution

Okay, now that you have that crazy Turkish song about Obama in your head, watch and listen to this five-part interview with Big Jack Keane on NationalReviewTV. Keane looks like he's about to kill the Hoover Institution's Peter Robinson at any moment. I mean, goodness gracious, just look at him. Robinson offers Keane a chance early in the interview to write off the horrors of the first four years of the Iraq War as just the normal learning process that an army goes through in a war and Keane, to his credit, is having none of that.

The videos end rather abruptly. All the videos, though, can be found here.

Update: Man, this Robinson guy is pissing me off with his leading questions. In the third part of the video, he talks about how no one -- Petraeus, George W. Bush, Odierno, Keane himself -- wanted a timetable and yet this damn traitor Kenyan Obama has announced one.

"... General Petraeus, George W. Bush and others used to oppose any timetable announcing our withdrawal. The new commander in chief has just done so. Your review?"

Keane, winning a medal here for intellectual honestly, points out that, uh, Peter, the SOFA agreement negotiated by the George W. Bush Administration contained a timetable and that, actually, Peter, I kinda agree with the current president.

"So what does that do? Did that blow your mind" Keane then doesn't say. "That just happened! Shake and bake!"

Update II: ARGH! Robinson then says the war is "won" and gets Keane to agree with him using what I can only guess is some kind of mind trick. Man, I sure as hell hope this war is "won". (My Jarhead cousin goes over in a month.) I don't think this war is "won" in the least, though.

Update III: Peter Robinson sucks. Now (Part Four) he's criticizing Obama for not using the word "victory" -- which Bush did to apparently great effect -- and asks Keane if that makes the troops sad. Keane patiently explains war among the peoples like he's talking to a five year-old. I really think he might reach over and kill him, so I'm sticking around for Part Five.

Oh, hahahaha, Keane is now saying all kinds of good things about President Obama and how smart he is, and Robinson looks as if someone just told him there is no Santa Claus. If you're a Republican and reading this thread this no doubt seems as if I am being really partisan, and for that I apologize, but this Robinson guy really is reaching high levels of hackery. If it's any consolation, I would be like this for a guy on the left like Jon "The Rangers purposefully killed Pat Tillman" Soltz as well.

Update IV: Oh, now Robinson is name-checking some guy named "Jan Jenn-Tee-Lay". But Keane has some good things to say about Gian's most reasonable worry and some good frets and worries on readiness in general. (Gian has some really good points in his arguments, but shhhh! Don't tell him I said so or it will go to his head.)