June 02, 2011

Join Us Today for Our Fifth Annual Conference

We are at the Willard InterContinental Hotel in downtown
Washington, DC today for our Fifth
Annual Conference
. This is always a great time of the year as it is an opportunity
for CNAS to showcase its extensive body of work. We hope if you’re in
Washington that you’ll have a chance to come by at some point today and join us
for what promises to be a lively conference.  

Throughout the day, we’ll be formally rolling out reports on
critical minerals, Internet freedom and cyber security, Iran and a report on
U.S. interests beyond Afghanistan.

If you’re not in Washington or are unable to join us
downtown, please follow along on our live website: http://www.cnas.org/live.

And, as always, follow along on Twitter: @CNASdc using
#CNAS2011. Submit your questions on Twitter and get engaged with the panel on a
range of issues.