November 22, 2007


Happy Thanksgiving Day, America! Or, as we call it in London and Beirut, "Thursday."

Yesterday's post was all about U.S. policy toward Lebanon, and Abu Muqawama mentioned polls showing the Lebanese population evenly divided between the ruling March 14th coalition and the Hizbollah-led opposition. While that's true, that doesn't tell the whole story. A growing number of Lebanese are simply sick and tired of the bull%$#@ and don't support either faction. They just want a responsible government that will go about the people's business without all the patronage networks and infighting that usually accompanies what passes for "governance" in Lebanon.

Enter Khalass! This group was set up by a friend of Abu Muqawama a while back to mobilize all those Lebanese who could give two cents about the "big men" of Lebanon and wouldn't be caught dead chanting "With spirit! With blood! We sacrifice for _________!" at any idiotic mass march. These crazy kids are currently staging a protest at parliament. Good luck to them.