May 02, 2009

Lang on Pakistan

From the National Journal:

Earlier posters are correct in writing that the Pakistani Army remains the dominant institution in the country and the most important political chess piece. The COIN enthusiasts now emerging as the fad of the moment in American government should be ignored with regard to Pakistan. This problem is too important to be left to them.

Quite right. COIN "enthusiasts" -- whoever the hell they are -- should be ignored with regard to pretty much any situation. As I have said before, anyone enthusiastic about getting into a COIN campaign is nuts. What, though, would Pat Lang have us do? What is his hard-hitting alternative to the policies being generated at the NCS, State, and in the OSD?

We should pray that Musharraf or someone remarkably like him has sufficient support from the Pakistan Army to return to power and save the situation before it is too late.

Far be it for me to underestimate the will of God, but I do not think "prayer" is the best policy recommendation at the moment.