June 06, 2009

le 6 Juin 1944

First off, I apologize for not yet posting anything today. I spent the morning running the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure with some guys from my rugby team. We raised $430, so many thanks to the readers who donated. The race was not terribly fun, though. They kept us standing around for an hour while everyone from Joe Biden to some Eastern European monarch spoke, and when Joe Biden is the one who speaks for the least amount of time, that's not good. You know what else isn't good? When the pre-match ceremony is longer than the race itself. Still, a good cause is a good cause.

Second, thanks for your patience with the new blog design. I'm getting used to it myself, and we have a lot of kinks to still work out, mainly with the comments and the RSS feeds. I promise you we'll be on that like white on rice come Monday morning, but again, please have patience.

Finally, if you, like me, will be attending some barbecues later today, be sure to remember to raise a glass for the boys of Pointe du Hoc. (I noticed a few tan berets in the audience behind the president today in France. A few years ago, one of my old squad leaders brought me back a vial of sand from Omaha Beach that sits on my bookshelf in Tennessee.) The readers of this blog, meanwhile, might be interested in these cool maps and documents from the D-Day landings.