April 26, 2011

Lebanon, Syria, Libya & Hizballah

Hey, Amal and Hizballah! Having that Lebanese seat on the U.N. Security Council sure was fun when it allowed you to get Moammar Gadhafi back for what happened to Musa Sadr all those years ago, wasn't it? But now that one of your patrons is brutally cracking down on his people in more or less the same manner as Gadhafi, we should probably go ahead and reject that draft resolution condemning the mass murder of political protesters, eh? I thought so.

Boy, I would love to hear Hassan Nasrallah give some morally sanctimonious speech in which he explains why Gadhafi must be driven from office but that conspiracies against Bashar al-Asad are a Anglo-Zionist plot. And I suspect I am going to get that opportunity.