March 08, 2008

Lego Insurgents

[via Arabist] Abu Muqawama loved Legos so much as a kid that his mom still puts a few pieces in his Christmas stocking each year. (Actually, Abu Muqawama's job this Christmas was to put together a Lego airport for his three year-old niece.) Mom's not going to have to look very far to find next Christmas's stocking stuffer: Abu Muqawama wants Lego insurgents, which you can buy from BrickArms, the hilarious company with the hilarious name. You can also buy a Lego U.S. Marine, but if we took an informal poll of the readership, we're guessing about 99% of you would buy the Islamist insurgent over the jarhead, right? Nothing against the Marine Corps, but c'mon... A no brainer, even for Charlie.

Update: Charlie, here. Yeah, a no brainer. Especially with those awesome Reservoir Dogs -inspired names. (Why do I have to be Mr. Pink?) But you're going to have a hard time dislodging Han Solo from his long standing perch atop Charlie's office computer.