January 10, 2012

Live Webcast at 9 AM: U.S., China and the South China Sea

Yesterday, the Center for a New American Security (CNAS) released
its new report, Cooperation from Strength: The United
States, China and the South China Sea
, a six-chapter volume featuring a
capstone chapter authored by Patrick M. Cronin, CNAS Senior Advisor and Senior
Director of the Asia-Pacific Security Program, and Robert D. Kaplan, CNAS
Senior Fellow, to help U.S. policymakers understand the trends affecting
American interests in the South China Sea. It includes insightful chapters on
U.S. strategy in the South China Sea, maritime security, diplomacy and the rule
of law, natural resources and partnership building by some of the world’s
leading experts on the Asia-Pacific region. 

This morning at 9 AM, CNAS will host the launch event at the
Willard Hotel in Washington. To view the live webcast, tune in at http://www.cnas.org/LIVE.

We’ll have more on the actual report later.