September 11, 2009

London calling...

If the AM blog was a soap, this would be the point where a long disappeared character descends the stairs and everyone gasps. In explanation, the bemused character tells everyone he was just having a long snooze in the guest room. "What's the big deal guys?" Well, your wife has married your best friend and looks 20 years younger after getting a whole load of plastic surgery. Actually, that pretty much sums up Londonstani's reaction to the new-look AM blog. But hey, those lego characters were always too good to ignore.

Anyway, on this sad memorial to violence's robustly cyclical nature, Londonstani thought it would be worth pointing out a development in his hometown that shows how 9/11 will have ramifications for years to come that we have little hope of predicting.

A neo-fascist linked British group has been planning for weeks to hold a demo at a mosque in northwest London. Their slogan has been that they arent racist, they just don't like Muslims. Emails have been flying back and forth warning people of their plans, and the predictable reaction has been that many, many young Muslims have decided that its their moral duty to defend their community (ie. get in a fist fight for God)

Londonstani is thinking that the Muslim boys failed to engage brain before acting and have done exactly as the fascists had hoped.

UPDATE: Londonstani hears that the BBC is reporting 20 have been arrested and the police have had bricks thrown at them.