February 01, 2008

Londoners Spend More on a Month on Public Transportation Than These Guys Do on Rockets...

It's a long journey through the pitch-dark night as the taxi heads towards the secret rocket factory in the Gaza Strip. Since Abdul and his two friends got in, it has become a life-threatening trip. The young men produce rockets for the Islamic Jihad. Day after day, their rudimentary bombs land on Israeli villages, fields and kibbutzim. Israel responds by using air strikes to kill the Qassam commandos.

Okay, you guys know the deal: we stay out of the politics of the Israeli/Palestinian issue. But when we can find good asymmetric warfare or counterinsurgency lessons to be learned, we don't hesitate to draw those out. As such, what you'll want to note about this article in Der Speigel is the way in which a bunch of jokers with decidedly low-tech means have thrown Israel's national security community into fits of incoherence with their homemade rockets.