September 11, 2009

London's 9/11

About an hour ago, Londonstani made a dramatic return to the Abu Muqawama blog. Unfortunately, due to technical issues (ie. his inability to work out the ways of the new website set up) no one seems to have seen it.

So here's a second, less dramatic, attempt.

While we remember the forces of death and destruction unleashed on the world with the attacks of 9/11, a protest in London today has graphically illustrated that the consequences of what happened eight years ago, will continue to rumble on in ways no one can really predict.

"Eight people have been arrested during a demonstration outside a mosque in north-west London where an anti-Islamic protest was planned."

A group with connections to the UK's far right spent weeks organising a demonstration to coincide with 9/11. They hide behind the flimsy subtifuge that its Islam they don't like, not people of a different race - which keeps them on the right side of UK law.

At the last minute, it seems the demo was cancelled, while hundreds of young Muslims who had decided to get into a fist fight in the name of God turned up and ended up clashing with the police.

Result -

Racists 1 - Duped angry young Muslims 0

If I was a racist strategist, I'd be pretty happy with this.