March 11, 2008

LTG Caldwell on the Daily Show

And speaking of the Daily Show, we here at Abu Muqawama thought they only interviewed over-exposed lieutenant colonels. But no! LTG William Caldwell was on the show last night talking about the new boring-as-hell-but-really-important field manual, FM 3-0, Operations. (LTG Caldwell explains FM 3-0 to the more specialized audience in Military Review.) Name us one other network or show that has given the U.S. Army more time and space to explain its new doctrine than the Daily Show, which occupies a slot on a network called Comedy Central. This is why young Americans would rather get their news from Jon Stewart than CNN or Fox. And kudos to LTG Caldwell as well. He comes off a little awkward in the interview, but credit him for not being afraid to go on the show and actually engage with the media. This is the same guy who forces U.S. Army majors to write blog entries as practice for engaging with the new media. Hard to imagine the same Army that produced Caldwell produced Tommy Franks.