May 23, 2009

Major Junior Promoted!

One of this blog's all-time favorites, Major W. Thomas Smith Jr. -- affectionately known as "Major Junior" to the journalist community in Beirut -- has apparently been promoted to lieutenant colonel in the South Carolina State Guard. This is great news for the country. Major Junior -- excuse me, Colonel Junior -- is a real American hero. I don't care what the National Review avows or disavows -- my sources tell me that Colonel Junior did in fact courageously storm a "Hizballah stronghold" to "capture the flag" in 2007. Now if that isn't an exploit worthy of another South Carolina hero, the Swamp Fox himself, I do not know what is! Many kudos to the South Carolina State Guard for promoting this man of courage and integrity. Ignore everything else you might read as examples of the liberal media conspiracy.

(Many thanks to reader "George" for catching this item of note.)