March 20, 2008

March Madness: Day 1

The first two days of March Madness are the two greatest days in all of sports. Charlie brokers no dissent on this issue. Though to be fair, Charlie isn't inclined to tolerate dissent on much of anything these days...AM and The Bateman have both been on the receiving end of one if not both barrels of her email ire.

But she digresses!

Nothing cheers her up like basketball and trash-talking (except maybe shoe shopping). Abu Muqawama's boring / vanilla / milqtoast / conventional picks has one--count 'em one--first round upset. Way to go out on a limb with Kentucky over Marquette, champ. On the other hand, Charlie's outlandish / chunkey monkey / wreckless / hybrid picks display the same winsome bad judgment she applies to most other aspects of her life. (Why not put Davidson and K-State through to the Sweet 16? Surely Southern Alabama can take down Tennessee in Birmingham. We get bonus points for upsets, right?) Sure, AM will probably win; but Charlie will have way more fun.

You've got less than 3 hours to make your own seat-of-your-pants picks. (WaPo doesn't do groups or pools, but everyone's brackets are public...and it's wicked easy to do.) Leave your profile name in the comments for personalized trash talking.

Update: Charlie's dad is on board for the big win! And he doesn't have any love for Tennessee either. His Pitt-Stanford Elite 8 pairing is bold to say the least, though perhaps not as gutsy as Siena knocking off Vandy.