June 24, 2010

McChrystal as Cantona

I challenged the folks who follow my Twitter feed to come up with a proper sports analogy for Stan McChrystal. We were trying to think of a brilliant athlete who had a meltdown. @alexlobov won, by a country mile, with Eric Cantona. Cantona, the brilliant Frenchman who played for Manchester United, lost it in 1995, ran into the stands and -- I am not joking -- karate-kicked a fan in the face and was banned for nine months and lost the captaincy of the French national team. (Yeah, they have a history of craziness.) He then followed that up with the greatest press conference in the history of press conferences. Ron Artest had nothing on Le Roi.

Cantona went on to score some wonder goals and even beat the Devil, so perhaps there is hope for McChrystal after his humiliating exit from Afghanistan. Anyway, happy World Cup, everybody.

UPDATE: Uh... some of the folks in the comments section need to remember they are reading a blog with a Lego jihadi as its mascot. So while I do write serious commentary from time to time, and often on this blog, a sense of humor is recommended if not required for the readership.