February 07, 2008

More Complaints about IO

AM may be impressed by the US publishing a squirm-worthy video of pre-teen terrors. Kip is not so impressed. First, we (that is the institutional military) learn nothing. More than a year ago, US forces released what should have been a manhood-shaming video of Zarqawi...and it was an utter IO failure. Why? Because US forces released it-hardly a credible source among target populations in the Muslim world.

Much more powerful would have been a release by the international community, a non-military friendly NGO (I would hope that training child soldiers would raise hackles among Human Rights Watch in particular), or, best, perhaps, the Iraqi government.

And, insurgents would have released a similarly damning video in minutes or hours.

We got this in December. What's the deal?

Update: Ooh, good point about the Zarqawi video, Kip. (AM)