April 02, 2009

Nagl and Exum and Gentile on The World (UPDATED!)

Matthew Bell sent me an email yesterday saying that his special on counter-insurgency for The World was going to run today. You can listen to it here. Bell also warned me, though, that my boss John Nagl got a lot more air time than I did. Oh, well ... so it goes.

Bell gets extra special credit from me for honing in on something I think doesn't get covered much -- the degree to which officers and their personal experiences have colored their views on contemporary defense policy debates. This debate, for many of us, is terribly personal. That's probably as much a good thing as something to be wary of.

Update: Well, this will interest the blog's regular readers. Matthew Bell interviewed me at greater length at the Teaism near Chinatown, and he podcasted the remainder of the interview with me. This is all about the blog itself, so if you want to know more about the blog or how it started (or hear me give mad props to our readership), listen to the end of this mp3 file.