December 12, 2010

Natural Security in The New York Times

Last night, The New York Times released an online feature tied to its Sunday Week in Review full-page spread on "A Need for 'Natural Security.'"

Needless to say, we’re thrilled that natural security is getting major mainstream media attention. We’re also thrilled that Cancun wrapped up in the wee hours of Saturday morning on a relatively positive note. We’re so thrilled that we will primarily focus the blog on commenting on them this week.  This may not come in the form of our regular, one-per-day posts, but we will be posting as inspiration strikes us. We also stand ready to highlight natural security issues if the State Department releases its QDDR this week, as is rumored.

As the following two weeks both Will and I are on vacation, we will return to you with the normal Monday posts wrapping up the weekend’s news during the second week in January. In the meantime, I’ll be recounting lessons from my recent work trip to Jordan, Will may write up a book review or two, and we’ll be providing our 2011 natural security policy wish list. The first week back in January, the blog will feature our highlights of how the new class on the Hill may treat resource-related issues. Just some of what we have in store for you all in the remaining days of 2010 and early days of 2011.