May 27, 2010

Natural Security in the NSS: By the Numbers

A little pop analysis. Here are the number of mentions of our major natural security topics in the just-released National Security Strategy:

Energy: 49
Climate Change: 28
Food: 9
Agriculture: 3 (including specifically regarding India and Afghanistan)
Water: 1
Demographic: 1
Urbanization: 1
Commodities: 1
Conservation (forests): 1
Minerals: 0

By comparison - and this is very interesting:

Intelligence: 18
Nuclear (energy and other): 74
Engagement: 43
Development: 76
Military: 44

That's right, folks. The new NSS mentions "energy" more than "engagement" or "military." And "climate change" appears more than "intelligence."

And for full context, here is a word cloud of the document (note: removed the words "United States").

NSS word cloud