March 12, 2008

New Counterinsurgency Book

Daniel Marston and Carter Malkasian have just edited and published a new volume, Counterinsurgency in Modern Warfare.

Here are three chapters that caught the eye of Abu Muqawama:

French Imperial Warfare 1945–62 by Professor Douglas Porch

Counterinsurgency in Vietnam: American Organizational Culture and Learning by Lieutenant Colonel John A. Nagl

The Israeli Defense Force and the Al-Aqsa Intifada: When Tactical Virtuosity Meets Strategic Disappointment by Dr Sergio Catignani

In addition, Malkasian has a chapter on the current fight in Iraq, and Marston has a chapter of the current fight in Afghanistan. Here's the blurb from T.X. Hammes:

'Counterinsurgency in Modern Warfare is an essential primer for any student of this most difficult form of war. Leading authors provide exceptional case studies of 13 modern insurgencies. These authors highlight the critical common factors of successful counterinsurgencies. Just as important, they highlight the differences as a reminder that every insurgency grows from unique cultural, political, economic and social conditions – and each requires a counterinsurgent strategy. Its a must read for anyone who deals with national security.'

Buy the book here.