December 19, 2007

New Journal from West Point's CTC

So Abu Muqawama has been staying with a friend for the past two nights, and this friend has the uncanny ability to sleep through his alarm clock radio for, like, 20 minutes while the volume is on full blast. Thus, Abu Muqawama was planning on sleeping in this morning until he was awakened by perhaps the worst Neil Diamond song he's ever heard, played at full volume. Neil Diamond has some great songs, we know. But Sweet Mary Mother of Jesus, this was not one of them. So now that your blogger is up, he's been flipping through the new journal put out by the Combating Terror Center at West Point. There is some good stuff in there, including articles by Bruce Hoffman and Bruce Riedel. Allow Abu Muqawama to point special attention toward his friend Gregory Johnsen's article on Yemen. Greg writes great stuff on Yemen, which is good news for the rest of us as no one else writes anything on Yemen. Check it out here.