April 01, 2009

On Lebanon and Lebanese Elections

I posted yesterday to remind our readers that this is not a Middle East policy blog. The comments I received in reply assured me that a) you all understand this and b) any Lebowski reference will be rewarded with hilarious commentary. For example, from the comments:

Nihilists? F@*k me!, I mean, say what you want about the tenets of Population-centric counterinsurgency doctrine, Dude, at least it's an Ethos!

All that having been said, this blog has often posted on events in Lebanon, as that is where this blogger happened to both earn his master's degree and do his field work for his PhD. My ear is no longer to the ground in that country, though, so I am not following the run-up to the important elections in June as closely as I perhaps should be. Enter Qifa Nabki. A few weeks ago, I told Qifa to be prepared to be the go-to blog for Abu Muqawama readers looking for insights on the elections. I have been really impressed by the mix of serious analysis and good humor on this blog. So consider my duties as a Lebanon analyst on non-security-related matters officially outsourced.