September 30, 2009

On Wingnuts (Updated)

I read Tom Friedman's column today, and though I usually find something to complain about in a Tom Friedman column, this one hit home. Because the scariest thing I have heard in my week and a half here in Israel was a comment by one Israeli that the current political climate in America reminded him of the climate in Israel in the months leading up to the assassination of Yitzhak Rabin.

%$#@. So depressing. There are plenty of valid criticisms of the president, but the extreme right in the United States is just so ugly and angry. Our extreme left is pretty ugly, too, I guess, but they're also unarmed. And as a secret service agent recently told a friend of mine, "People didn't like Bush, sure, but they really want to kill this guy."


Dave Chappelle, as usual, cheers me up (slightly) with some extremely politically incorrect and NSFW humor. (Oh, and some classic, pre-Doctor Dolittle Eddie Murphy.) I know there are things one should not joke about, but I feel we have a patriotic duty to keep our senses of humor. I also tend to believe the best way to treat wingnuts like this assus jackus and others is to mercilessly mock them. Because seriously, "men" who dip flavored freaking Skoal get stone cold beat up where I'm from.

UPDATE: Really, readers? Really? I mean, this blog stayed out of the 2008 presidential elections -- and had kind things to say about both candidates and their positions at times -- because politics should stay out of operational discussions. But is my call to not kill the president of the United States or start a military coup really such a partisan breach of protocol? I guess I thought this blog's readership -- containing a refreshing number of libertarians -- would have been more or less united against wingnuttery.