October 07, 2009

Pakistan Dispatch - Newspaper pick ups

So, everyone know's who.. sorry what.. Kerry Lugar is, right?

There have been some references in the comments section about the Pakistani military's public relations efforts. Londonstani can only assume the following article by Kamran Khan of The News is the kind of thing we are talking about here:

KARACHI: When the top military commanders declared their serious concern regarding clauses of the Kerry-Lugar Bill impacting on the national security, the top brass had knowledge and evidence that a few elements within the government deployed resources to lobby several key United States congressmen for inclusion of anti-military and anti-nuclear programme segments in the controversial US aid bill, informed officials said.

“This is actually an attempt to cripple the Pakistan Army and the ISI and it is not the first or last attempt. There are some elements with clandestine job in all this,” said an informed official, who disclosed that Pakistani security officials were constantly getting information from their sources in Washington that illustrated vast difference between the public and private positions adopted by individuals and organizations representing Pakistan’s national interest in Washington.

There you have it people, you just can't trust the politicians to protect the country, apparently.