January 05, 2010

Pakistan's New Year resolutions

The News on Sunday newspaper printed a list of "obsessions" Pakistan could do without in 2010. It's sort of like a list of New Year resolutions. But away from politics (as much as anything can be in Pakistan) it's a fun, alternative look at Pakistani society from the inside.

Read the whole thing here:

Londonstani's favourite is this:

"Membership of one Ummah

We strongly believe in the idea. Ummah, one single body that goes beyond the considerations of borders, tribes, castes and nationhood... It is binding upon us to help Muslims wherever they are. We in this country are more concerned about the problems and miseries of our fellow brethren from Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine, Lebanon, Sudan, Chechnya and Kashmir rather than those living close-by. Problems faced by Muslims in these countries form the subject matter of sermons of our clergy. One can hardly find prayer leaders talking about the problems of Muslims living in Pakistan. Ironically, the Ummah seems equally oblivious about Pakistan."

Well, it's between this and the one on sex.