March 11, 2008

Pay For Luv Guv

Despite the fact that five soldiers were killed in Baghdad yesterday, it's been a little difficult finding articles in the U.S. media on Iraq and Afghanistan this morning. This is because the governor of New York got caught in a prostitution ring yesterday. Which is hilarious. And frankly, if that dominates the news cycle for the next, oh, 48 hours or so, that's cool -- it will be as God intended. You can read more on this subject in the fine tabloids of New York: The New York Post and, Abu Muqawama's favorite, The Daily News.*

You know what else is funny? The fact that the girl in Hillary Clinton's now-infamous "3 a.m. advertisement" is a huge Obama supporter. Oops!

*Abu Muqawama reads Mike Lupica's sports column in The Daily News religiously.