April 08, 2008

Petraeus, Crocker and God in the Dock

Is it just because Abu Muqawama went to church tonight or has anyone else noticed how often the senators have brought God into the discussion today? First St. George of Voinovich starts it off by announcing the solution to Iraq's ills is to "pray harder." Then we're told to thank God Almighty for the MRAP. You know what Abu Muqawama thanks God for? The fact that in this round of questions -- unlike last fall -- the Senate goes first. Do you remember how awful last fall was, sitting through the questions and comments from those clowns in the House of Representatives? Compared to them, the Senators are all re-incarnations of Daniel Webster. Abu Muqawama doesn't know how the rest of you elect your representative to the House, but in the 3rd Congressional District of Tennessee we basically just look around until we find some young conservative without anything better to do than go to Washington and hit on interns at the Hawk & Dove.

In other news, P. just made the analogy of Iraq being like trying to teach a small child to ride a bicycle. How terribly condescending that must sound to Iraqis watching on al-Jazeera. Apparently P. didn't see the WaPo's cartoon today...

Update: Abu Muqawama also thanks the Lord Almighty for the bottle of Arak his Mohammedan flatmate, Londonstani, brought him back from Beirut this weekend. Because it's the only thing that's getting him through these hearings at the moment.

Update II: He also thanks Baby Jesus for Jim Webb, who has been awesome today. This guy wouldn't be the best VP pick for Hillary Clinton, but he would be a great one for Obama.

Update III: Finally, Abu Muqawama thanks Yahweh that Joe Biden has finally and incredibly shut his mouth and allowed this blogger to go to sleep. (It's midnight here in East London, folks. See you tomorrow.)