January 22, 2008

Priceless Abu Muqawama Reader Comment #476

I'm a European exchange student in the US Army Command and General Staff College in Leavenworth and it strikes me that the focus of this academic year is still very much, if not entirely, on force-on-force conventional warfare (Fulda gap style). I had expected an immersion in COIN and 4GW related doctrine but I still need to see the first course or excercice [sic] where we have a look in the recent COIN FM. I'm more than a little disappointed with regard to this. Especially since most of my fellow American students have such extensive experience in the COIN/4GWF area. This experience is simply not beeing [sic] used by the school. I would suggest Def Sec Gates to have a hard look at his own institutions before critisizing [sic] others.

Jesus Nuts...

Note: At least one reader thought Abu Muqawama was trying to make fun of this guy's skill with the English language. Goodness gracious, not at all. The reason this comment has been highlighted is because it draws attention to the fact that officers who have been fighting 4GW for the past five to six years in Iraq and Afghanistan return home to a professional military education system that still teaches, predominantly, 3GW. (Abu Muqawama never pokes fun at non-native English speakers lest anyone make fun of his French or Arabic, both of which are worse than this guy's English.)