March 31, 2011

Random Bits

Again, these are a busy few days for me, so posting will be light. But I want to sound off on three things, quickly.

1. I was not too angry about the fact that the United States is conducting clandestine operations in Libya. Frankly, I support liaising with the rebels (though not arming them), and I also support
observing air strikes. Air strikes are generally more effective at doing
what you want them to do -- and not doing what you do not want them to do, like kill civilians -- when they are observed. What makes me mad is the inability of officials to understand that clandestine operations are no longer clandestine after you blab about them to Mark Mazetti and Eric Schmitt. Now, if officials in the administration leaked this information as part of a carefully planned, tightly coordinated information operation designed to hasten Gadhafi's departure from Libya, I take back all my criticism and indeed salute the administration. If, by contrast, this information was leaked because of domestic political pressure and in response to complaints the administration was not doing enough to support the rebels, then I know of a circle of hell Dante forgot in which the leakers will someday find themselves residing. These kinds of leaks -- which involve disclosing the presence and activities of men in harm's way -- are the kind that make me want to run around Washington, DC kicking "officials" in their sensitive parts.

2. I got the opportunity, on Tuesday night, to address some of the veterans in town to lobby the Congress on behalf of the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America. I want to salute the great work this organization is doing, and I encourage you all to support it as you see fit.

3. The Elite Eight Round of Twitter Fight Club resulted in yours truly advancing to the Final Four in a match-up with Glenn Greenwald, a man who has, like, more followers on Twitter than Charlie Sheen. So instead of a Twitter Fight, I am suggesting this as a way of settling our semi-final match-up. (It's a game of honor and diplomacy.) No word yet from the tournament officials if this is okay.