November 22, 2007

Reading, Reading, Reading

There will be another installment of the wildly popular Counterinsurgency Book Club this weekend, but until then, Abu Muqawama wanted to draw your attention to two things:

1. Now that it's Thanksgiving*, the Christmas shopping season is upon us. You can support the reading habits of Abu Muqawama and Charlie by buying books from the Counterinsurgency Reading List. (We get Amazon gift certificates whenever you buy something. Which, so far, has included Buffy the Vampire Slayer DVDs in addition to "less unexpected" works by T.X. Hammes and David Galula. Although we hear Hammes is a huge Buffy fan.) Charlie and I have decided there are at least three books we left off the original list -- see if you can guess which ones we added.

2. Speaking of reading lists, did everyone see this? A lot of good books here. Yeah ... now Abu Muqawama knows some of what he wants for Christmas.

*Abu Muqawama just cooked his Thanksgiving meal: One whole chicken, boiled in beer along with carrots, potatoes, and onions. All of it is served over couscous. He swears, it's really tasty. Now he's off to eat it.