September 13, 2009

Rock on! - Pakistani style

Sometimes, Pakistan just rocks. I don't mean the landscape, the people or the food. I don't even mean the awesome contradiction of watching poor parents drop their kids off at the madrassa while they go to worship at the shrine of the Hindu-Muslim gay saint couple.

Nope, I mean literally ... rocks. You Guitar Hero.

Watch these videos of Pakistan garage bands and see for yoursef:

(The second song is by a band called Bumbu Sauce, which is a make of instant noodle and might also be an ironic joke since "Bum", as in proper English, means "arse" or "ass" to your regular middle class English-speaking Pakistani while "bu" means " bad smell".)



I'm not sure what they are trying to say. But they sound angry, and I like that. I might put them on my iPod for gym sessions.