February 03, 2008

Scotland Are Rubbish ... And the Very Best of Last Week

Let's just say that by the end of the match, Abu Muqawama's friend Jamie was trying to figure out some way in which New Zealand is actually a lost colony of Scotland whereby we have Dan Carter & Co. at our disposal for next week's match. As it was, we were embarrassed.

Abu Muqawama (the blog) had a good week, though, and for those of you who missed some of it, here are the highlights:

Saturday: The Debate To Which You Should All Be Paying Attention

Friday: Afghan Study Group: The Wheels Done Come Off

Thursday: Afghanistan a failed state? (Again?)

Wednesday: Lipstick on a Pig

Tuesday: Surge to Victory?

Monday: Big Changes for Big Army

The best debate, meanwhile, took place in the post on Arab Unity, while the best comment was afghanistanica's, which inspired a whole 'nother post.