February 17, 2008

Seriously? A Headrest Bomb?

According to Israeli intelligence sources, someone had replaced the headrest of the driver’s seat with another containing a small high-explosive charge. Israel welcomed his death but the prime minister’s office denied responsibility. Hezbollah accused the “Zionist Israelis” of killing its “brother commander” but believed the explosive had been detonated in another car by satellite.

This report was in the Sunday Times (with Hala Jaber among the reporters). That would be some stuff straight out of Munich if it's true, but we have no idea if it is. Because neither, apparently, does the Times, who backs off their "scoop" just two paragraphs later in the article:

Whatever the truth about the bomb, Mughniyeh, 45, died as he had lived – violently.

Whatever? What do you mean, "whatever", oh Sunday Times? Was he killed by Israel or not? Was he killed by a cool-as-hell 007-style headrest bomb or not? Was Eric Bana involved in the operation or not?

Wait... did you just write this headline about a headrest bomb to sucker Abu Muqawama into reading the rest of the article when he was happily on his way to the sports section to read about Manchester United's thrashing of Arsenal last night in which the Scot on the pitch improbably scored two goals?

Damn. You did, didn't you?