April 10, 2009

Sexual Repression at the Heritage Foundation?

I had dinner with an old English Literature professor of mine last night (along with his English Literature professor wife), and while I'm not trying to get all Michel Foucault on the blog's readership this morning, the long-dormant literary critic in me has been watching this unintentionally hilarious Heritage video on missile defense and counting the number of phallic symbols. Let's see ... missile, missile, missile launch, Maggie Thatcher, missile launch, missile, missile ...

So the connection between this Heritage Foundation advertisement for missile defense and Dr. Strangelove just grows. Dr. Strangelove, of course, was filled with all kinds of sexual and imagery linking nuclear war to sex. This Heritage Foundation video, meanwhile, has me convinced that whoever put this thing together would keep the DC area's Freudian analysts busy until at least 2034.