March 25, 2008

So You Wanna Be a Hezbollah Fighter?

Andrew Lee Butters, last seen by Abu Muqawama with a collection of table-dancing women in the early morning hours on Monot Street, has a piece up on TIME Magazine's Middle East blog on the selection process to be a Hizbollah fighter.

Again, becoming a U.S. Marine and going off to fight in Iraq sounds a lot easier. (Thanks, Emile)

By the way, Butters once wrote this amazing magazine article on these (mostly drop-dead gorgeous) female PKK commandos titled Babes in Kurdland. It was one of the most enjoyable magazine articles Abu Muqawama has read in a long time. If he could find the damn thing on the internet machine he would link it.

Update: About twelve of you successfully worked the google device and sent along this link to the article. But it's the pictures, boys! It's the sexy pictures of Kurdish guerrilla women smoking Marlboro Reds with AK-47s that we want!

Update II: Genius. Here are some pictures, though not the ones which accompanied the article. Also, Abu Muqawama just found an article his friend Paul Schemm wrote on Sozdar Serbiliz and her a$$-kicking brand of feminism.

Update III: Okay, it's official. Abu Muqawama has a serious, schoolboy crush on the women of the PKK.