March 06, 2008

Stabilisation en français

It's not just us Americans who have new doctrine out there. Thanks to Stéphane, Abu Muqawama has been looking around the French Army's doctrine center, le Centre de Doctrine de l'Emploi des Forces and has found some good stuff -- and in English too! Abu Muqawama just downloaded the Doctrine d'emploi des Forces Terrestres en stabilisation, in French and featuring a lengthy quote from Lyautey on the cover sheet, but English-speakers will be happy to discover that -- much like we translate Military Review into Portuguese, Spanish, and Arabic -- the French translate their quarterly doctrine review into English. The English translations have an American flag to the side, which is kinda funny because usually English translations have an English or British flag to the side. The French Army apparently hasn't forgiven the English for their continued domination on the rugby pitch. Or maybe they just haven't forgotten all those times we have saved each other's asses in wars.