October 12, 2010

Stay Tuned: Army Energy Bloggers Roundtable at 2:00

Later today, Erin will relay to you the highlights and her thoughts on the "bloggers roundtable" that DOD Live is hosting at 2pm today. Marking DOD's week o'energy events, they are hosting Assistant Secretary of the Army for Installations, Energy and the Environment Katherine Hammack. According to the website, "Hammack will discuss Army energy security as well as policy and oversight of sustainability initiatives and resource management including design, military construction, operations and maintenance."

It's going to be a hoot. Seriously, we should expect Army to bring its A game to this, as they are in a stiff competition with the Navy Energy Forum at the Reagan building today (at which I am expecting some kind of announcement, building on last year's rollout of Sec. Mabus's energy strategy).

But this reminds me: we have not yet formally introduced Erin, your newest natural security blogger. You may have seen here on the blog last week, or at events around town. Erin Alexander is not at all intimidating. She has a brand new J.D. from Georgetown Law, where she delved into UNCLOS, climate change and environmental law. This builds on her BA and Master's in nuclear engineering from MIT and Penn State, her 5 years in the Navy (she continues to serve as a reservist), and a legal internship at ARPA-E. In other words, Erin rocks, and we are thrilled to have her as part of the natural security CNAS family until she begins her AAAS fellowship on the Hill next year. Everyone, welcome Erin! And check back late this afternoon for her wrap-up of A/S Hammack's remarks.